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In March 2021, charges were brought against a former employee of RFSL Stockholm by Åklagarmyndigheten (City prosecutor). 

The defendant is charged with six cases of rape and two cases of sexual assalt against four plaintiffs. All of whom at the time seeking were seeking counseling regarding their asylum proccess from the defendant. The prosecutor in charge deems the plaintiffs especially vulnerable due to the asylum status and that this will be the main focus for the upcoming trial.

If you have questions, information or are in need of support, you can contact the National Office of RFSL at If you are in need of support and want to remain anonymous you can contact RFSL Support Service at the national office by email at or by calling 020-34 13 16 (free of charge), where you can also be referred to support outside RFSL.

If a crime has been committed against you RFSL recommend you to contact the police.

RFSL also have a External Whistleblower System

Those who suspect serious irregularities in relation to persons active within RFSL, can make a complaint to the law firm Grey Advokatbyrå AB. The complaint should be submitted if there are objective and factually motivated grounds for investigating the person’s potential involvement in serious irregularities.

The External Whistleblowing System allows for submission of anonymous complaints. If you want to be anonymous, avoid sharing any details that might expose your identity or clearly state that you wish to remain anonymous.

To consider before filing the complaint:

– Make sure to write down the information at your disposal in as detailed and correct manner as possible;

– Who within RFSL is/are involved in or affected by the case you are reporting?

– Who is/are the person/s that, according to the complaint you are making, have allegedly violated the law or been involved in serious irregularities connected to RFSL?

– When did the incident/s occur?

– Describe in more detail the specific incident/s pertaining to your complaint (the description should include a clear distinction between what you know and what you assume or believe)

– Do you have any other relevant comments/information about the incident/s described in your complaint?

When the complaints are received by the law firm managing the external whistleblowing function, the first assessment of the case is made. Following the initial assessment, the law firm hands the case over to the internal investigation group at RFSL and makes a recommendation for further investigation or dismissal of the complaint. RFSL will also receive statistical information and overall picture of received complaints and organization’s auditors will have insight in how the cases are being handled.

Your complaint should be submitted to the law firm Grey Advokatbyrå AB.

Please, use the following contact information
Phone: 070-792 04 24 (Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.30)
Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 12, 114 34 Stockholm

If you want to know what is happening within RFSL, you can read here

RFSL condemns all forms of abuse

RFSL is an organisation with clear values. Our work is to protect and support LGBTQI individuals exposed to violence, threat and hate. If someone is subjected to sexual acts against their will or because of dependency that is abuse and an expression of power, not sexuality. Sexual acts that cause a person harm or suffering can never be accepted.