RFSL Stockholm is currently investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior and misconduct from an employee. We take the allegations very seriously. For us, it is essential always to be able to offer safe spaces for the LGBTQI-Community. We also need to take proper employer responsibility and the safety of our members, staff, visitors and other stake holders are a top priority.

A thorough external investigation, led by an expert at the security company 2Secure AB, has been started by the board of RFSL Stockholm. This investigation is essential for us to find out what has happened and how we should work forward. Depending on the investigation, the case could be handed over to law enforcement authorities.

For everyone involved, the employee is not working while the investigation is ongoing.

Everyone involved is offered support and is encouraged to contribute to the investigation.

We ask for understanding that we cannot provide more detailed information at this stage of the process, and if you have questions, please turn to info@rfsl.se or 0723-30 50 24 (not SMS).

If you have information to share with the external investigation at 2Secure, we ask you to contact Anna-Lena Stiernman at anna-lena.stiernman@2secure.se or 070-233 15 13.