Become a member in Newcomers Stockholm

Who is a member of Newcomers Stockholm?

To participate in our activities you have to be a member of RFSL Stockholm.

You can become a member of Newcomers if you are an LGBTQ person and is an asylum seeker, undocumented of received your residential permit no longer than two years ago. You can become a member of Newcomers Stockholm if you are a member of RFSL Stockholm and belong to the target group of Newcomers.

Becoming a member of RFSL Stockholm costs 100 SEK per year. If you do not have a Swedish residential permit yet, membership is only 10 SEK per year.

To become a member of the group you first have to attend an introductory meeting. At the introductory meeting, you get to describe why you want to become a member of RFSL Stockholm Newcomers. You will also be informed about what activities and services we offer.

The introductory meetings are on Wednesdays at 17.30 to18.00 and 19.00 to 19.30at RFSL Stockholm, Alsnögatan 7. When you arrive at the meeting, ask for Torbjörn Sander. Please, contact us in advance if you need translations to other languages than Swedish or English: