Newcomers Stockholm is a members group within RFSL Stockholm for LGBTQI-people who are or have been seeking asylum. Within our Newcomers Activity Project, financed by Länsstyrelsen Stockholm, we are organizing many different activities. For example outdoor and sport activities, job search support, Swedish classes and language café, culture/art group and support groups.


We are now looking for engaged and structured volunteers who can help us facilitate different sorts of Newcomers activities, events and workshops. Different experiences and knowledge are needed for different types of activities. Most volunteer positions are not paid, but some are.


Preferably you are someone who:

  • Has knowledge/experience and interest in working within the lgbtqi-community and with asylum seekers rights and are willing to stand up against racism and lgbtqi-phobia from a supportive position. A merit is experience in facilitating safe spaces for groups with various cultural backgrounds, and in thinking outside of the white European cisgender/heteronormative framework.
  • Has good practical knowledge when it comes to organizing meetings and events, like planning and preparing fika, cleaning, making sure people have a nice time etc.
  • Has knowledge/experience and interest in art forms such as creative writing, photography, theatre or performance. Or sport activities such as teaching swimming. 
  • Some positions, but not all, require that you have good knowledge in Swedish language and teaching experience.
  • Some positions, but not all, require that you have good knowledge about the Swedish labour market and experience in seeking jobs in Sweden or working with job seekers. A merit is a network within for example the restaurant industry.


Please send an email to (latest the 20th of august) containing your CV and an answer to these two questions: 

  1. What knowledge and/or experience do you have that you think might be useful within our activities?
  2. Why do you want to become a volunteer for RFSL Stockholm Newcomers?

Due to corona we have a limited number of volunteer training places. The volunteer training will take place during two evenings, Wednesday and Thursday (25 and 26 August). Looking forward to read your email!