In 2020, RFSL Stockholm dismissed one of the organization’s employees, following serious allegations of sexual abuse and rape. Having learned about these allegations,  the board of RFSL Stockholm commissioned an external investigation, led by an expert from the security company 2Secure AB, and proceeded to suspend the employee for the duration of the inquiry. After 2Secure had submitted their final report to the Board, a decision was made to immediately dismiss the employee. It is currently known, that the former employee will likely be facing charges for sexual abuse and rape.

Since RFSL Stockholm was alerted to the abovementioned allegations, the organization helped several of the survivors with counselling and provided support in filing their respective police reports. Members of the organization have cooperated with the authorities in every possible way, and RFSL Stockholm welcomes that the police and the prosecutor’s office have taken the investigation further.

RFSL Stockholm feel betrayed by the former employee. What happened is devastating and appalling, because members were harmed by an employee whose work was meant to help them. Such actions are unforgivable, and go against everything RFSL and RFSL Stockholm stand for. For this reason, and because one can never say for sure that enough has been done to prevent or tackle such situations, RFSL Stockholm is looking into what could be done differently in the future. At the moment, RFSL is looking over routines, guidelines and training materials for employees, volunteers and elected representatives. RFSL Stockholm’s and RFSL’s work must take place in secure rooms and be a safe space for visitors, members and clients.

RFSL is against all forms of sexual abuse and stands for a clear set of values: we must protect and support LGBTQI people who are exposed to violence, threats and hatred. If a person becomes involved in, or exposed to, sexual acts without their consent or due to their dependency on the perpetrator – this is abuse and expression of power, not sexuality. Sexual acts that harm or cause suffering can never be accepted.

If you need support or help
If you have questions, want to give us information or need support, you’re welcome to contact us at Persons in the need of support, who want to be anonymous, can contact RFSL Stödmottagning at or call 020 – 34 13 16. We can also guide you to support services that are not RFSL runned.

Do you want to share something with us?
Anyone who has important information that is important for us to know, is important for us and our work moving forward, to improve our work supporting vulnerable lgbtqi-persons and our organisation. Please contact You can also read more in our Whistleblower Policy.

Finally, a reminder about our guidelines and routines
We have established whistleblowing routines, as well as Common rules against discrimination, abusive discrimination and harassment and work regularly with quality assurance both within RFSL Stockholm and within RFSL in general.

RFSL Whistleblower-policy

RFSL’s code of conduct for elected representatives

Common rules against discrimination, abusive discrimination and harassment

For us, it is important to always be able to offer a secure context, especially since RFSL Stockholm works for and with a vulnerable target group.