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RFSL Newcomers, Stockholm, is part of a National network for LGBTQ refugees and asylum seekers in Sweden.

We would like to welcome you to become a member in our organization RFSL and join RFSL Newcomers Stockholm. We are a social group as well as a support group for LGBTQ refugees and migrants. At Newcomers you will meet new friends, get to know the Swedish LGBTQ Community, get access to information about LGBTQ-rights, be offered Swedish language classes, get advice on how to find a job, as well as health care, and learn how Swedish authorities and institutions operate. The network can, if needed, provide legal advice and arrange counseling. All of our activities are free of charge, however, we encourage you to become a member. We have meetings for new and current members each week, where you will meet our volunteers, who can tell you everything you need to know about the RFSL Newcomer’s Group, Stockholm.

Everyone working with Newcomers is a volunteer and we do our best to support each other, to make sure you get the best possible experience of what it is like to be a ‘Newcomer’ with us in Stockholm. If you wish to meet with one of our coordinators or have any questions, please contact us by email @:

A very warm welcome!

Useful links for Newcomers

RFSL:s Flyktinghandläggare

Patric Bazanye
Stig-Åke Petersson
 0703 27 04 95

RFSL:s Brottsofferjour/ RFSL’s crime victims hotline

For victims of, for example, harassment, threats, hate crimes or domestic violence. Free of charge. You can remain anonymous.

RFSL Stockholm’s counselor

Pablo Leiva
 08-501 629 56,

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 10:00-12:00
Ingles Español y Sueco

Amnesty International, Sweden

Tel: 0771 – 266 37 89 A free market place for things that are given away. 

FARR, Flyktinggruppernas & Asylkommittéernas riksråd
Gives good advice for asylum seekers in a brochure available in 5 languages.

Tel: 023-132 45, 0225-147 77


Collecting money for asylum seekers and undocumented people.

As asylum seeker or undocumented you can apply for financial assistance there.

 Gratis i Stockholm:

Free events in Stockholm.


IMäI, Ingen människa är illegal/No one is illegal

Matgruppen (Food group):

Tel: 0761 – 55 27 34

 KIM – Kön, identitet och mångfald/Gender, identity and diversity

Läkare i Världen/Médecins du Monde:

International humanitary organization, working for equal right to health care.

They run a clinic in Sweden for undocumented people.

Tel: 08-664 66 87

Tel: 0708-16 21 61

Latest information about Newcomer group activities.

Ny i Stockholm:

A guide for newly arrived Stockholm residents that will help find information about how Swedish society works and whom you can contact when you have questions about various issues.

 Red Cross in Sweden:

The biggest international humanitary organization, also operating in Stockholm area.

Tel: 0709-40 67 23. 08-615 87 74


Rainbow service in the Swedish Lutheran Church, Stockholm

Soppkök Stockholm:
Free food and clothes for those in need.

TGEU- Transgender Europé

UNHCR Sweden