A warm welcome to RFSL Stockholm!

RFSL Stockholm works for homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer people, their relatives and friends. Our purpose is to promote a society distinguished by respect for the equal rights and opportunities of all people – irrespective of gender, sexual identity, gender identity or gender expression, HIV status, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, functional capacity, age or socioeconomic background.

We at RFSL Stockholm perform political work and information activities, arrange educational courses, and provide target groups with various types of support. We also organize members’ evenings, support various members’ groups, arrange youth activities, organize a Christmas party, and hold an annual trans-theme day. In addition, we make sure that there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy during the Stockholm Pride Festival. And much more besides …

Active members
A large proportion of our activities are initiated by our members, and the various members’ groups meet regularly at Vita Huset, Alsnögatan 7 in Södermalm in Stockholm. To become a member, simply send an e-mail to info@stockholm.rfsl.se to find out how you  do it.

We currently run the following members’ groups:

  • Newcomer – a group that provides a meeting place and a network for LGBTQ people who have fled persecution on account of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. In the Newcomer group, you can make new friends and get to know the LGBT community in Sweden.
  • Stolta föräldrar (Proud Parents of homosexual, bisexual and transgender children). As the name suggests, this group is for parents of homosexual or bisexual children. Proud Parents is a group for parents looking to make contact with similar parents with a view to providing mutual support. The group works with activities such as theme meetings, various “circles” and Stockholm Pride.
  • Transcafé (The Transcafé Group) organises coffee meetings for all transgender people on the second Tuesday of each month (except July). The meetings start at 19.00 and provide an opportunity to chat and relax over a cup of coffee. They are an excellent way for people to come out, make new friends and keep in touch with each other.
  • Gay Seniorer and Golden Ladies are groups for more mature LGBTQ people.
  • Lambda IF is a sports association.
  • Flatpatrullen (Dyke Patrol) is a group for LGBT women who want to meet in relaxed, pleasant settings.
  • Bögbokcirkeln (The Gay Book Circleis a book-reading group whose members meet once a month to talk about the books they have read.
  • Nätverket Asexuell (The Asexual Network) organises open meetings every four weeks for everyone who has questions or thoughts about asexuality.
  • Operabögarna (Opera Queens) is a social group whose events are usually held in connection with opera performances all over Sweden.
  • Aktivistgruppen (The Activist Group) is for members who wish to become involved in a wide range of issues, and who can help with planning and holding events.
  • ParaplyT (The Umbrella) is a member group that gathers trans-identified people in a safe environment.
  • HBTQ ❤ BDSM (LGBTQ ❤ BDSM) gathers members which are interested in or like to engage in BDSM activities.
  • HBTQ och brädspelare (LGBTQ and board gamers) is a member group for people who likes board games and want to play together.
  • Transanhöriggruppen (Friends and family of trans people) is a group where friends and family of trans people gather to exchange experiences with each other and learn more about the trans community.
  • Lesbians who tech gathers lesbians that engage in engineering or similar professions.
  • Freebiebinder Stockholm collect binders and give them out to trans people in need of them.

Highly competent staff
RFSL Stockholm is staffed by highly proficient personnel – people who work with HIV prevention and health in the Sexperts project, for example. This is a project intended for men who have sex with men, and its purpose is to provide information about safer sex. The staff members of RFSL Stockholm also have skills in running school information activities in Swedish schools, and in arranging training courses for adults who work in both the public and private sectors. RFSL Stockholm provides all kinds of support – through its immigrant consultant and through various support groups. The staff members of RFSL Stockholm also do a lot of work with activities intended for young LGBTQ people who may have questions about homosexual, bisexual, transgender or queer issues. For example, they run the Egalia project, which can be likened to a recreation centre for people aged under 20. Offers for young men under the age of 25 include Kompassen, while HBTQ-kojan, is intended for all young LGBTQ people who would like to have an adult LGBTQ person as a mentor or guide. Queera Berättelser (Queer Stories) is a story telling project for people ged 13-25 living in the Stockholm area.  The project runs until 2014 and includes the publishing of a book.

The day-to-day work of RFSL Stockholm is run by Martin Halldin, our operations manager, whom you can contact by e-mail to: martin.halldin@stockholm.rfsl.se, or on +46 8 501 629 62.

The ultimate responsibility rests with the board, which is elected by members at the annual members’ meeting. The President of the board for 2018 is Jacob Tardell. You can contact him at jacob.tardell@stockholm.rfsl.se.

Everyone who is employed at RFSL Stockholm, board members or the election committee will be happy to answer any questions you may have. All staff members and board members speak Swedish and English, and some also speak Spanish and other languages. Language is not to be a barrier for anyone who wants to communicate with us and find out more about RFSL Stockholm and our activities. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help or sort out any language difficulties! You can find contact details on the Personal (staff) and Styrelse (board) tabs and under the header Om oss (About us) in the menu on the website.


PS. Discretion and confidentiality are taken seriously at RFSL Stockholm. This means that you can contact us without any concerns if you don’t want to tell others about your sexual orientation or gender identity, or if you have any questions about LGBTQ issues.

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  2. I have just joined the RFSL new comers and from the first day i came to the RFSL house i was so very welcome and i felt so good and free.Thanks to Jasmine a member of Newcomers for making me feel at home.


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