Rainbow families in wait is a national project run by RFSL with funding from Arvsfonden. The Project started in January 2019 and runs until December 2021, i.e. for three years. Within the project, we will produce a norm-conscious book about waiting for children, keeping different forms of parent groups for LGBTQ people during pregnancy and developing a series of films about waiting for children and becoming parents. We will also produce a treatment material aimed at midwives.

Within the project, a national network will also be built by gathering local initiatives and groups for rainbow families around the country. The Project is carried out in cooperation with the actors in pregnancy health care.

Reference Group Meeting

A reference group meeting within the project is planned that is aimed at both people who are in RFSL’s direction or otherwise committed to rainbow families or issues related to LGBTQ-persons ‘ parenthood. The Meeting will consist of a number of lectures and workshops and be held between lunchtime on Saturday and until the conference ends on Sunday afternoon. The Participation will be free of charge, i.e. RFSL stands for travel, accommodation in single rooms and meals for a maximum of 15 participants.

Read more about the reference group and register your interest here