About our educations

The Educators at RFSL Stockholm work to increase the knowledge in LGBTQI-issues. With the help of the Swedish method norm criticism (“normkritik”) we actively work with issues such as equity, diversity and inclusion with the goal to better human rights for all. We train professionals, organizations and associations in the Stockholm region to provide perspective and tools to create inclusive spaces – with LGBTQI-issues as our focus!

We offer both shorter educations in the form of lectures and workshops, as well as longer and process-oriented trainings, and bespoke educations based on your specific requests. We have cutting-edge expertise in gender studies, norm-critical pedagogy (normkritisk pedagogik), intersectionality and organizational development. We also have extensive experience of equity work in schools and other educational fields. This makes us one of Stockholm’s most booked in this area!

Take a look at our course catalog which shows which types of training your organization can book in today to start your work for an inclusive and LGBTQI-conscious business! The Educators at RFSL Stockholm also deliver Stockholm stads’ diploma training for LGBTQ-competent and norm-conscious behavior and treatment.

If you have any questions about our educations, you can contact us here.

Knowledge is power – knowledge about LGBTI issues is power to change!

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