Knowledge is Power – LGBTQ knowledge is power to change!

RFSL Stockholm’s educational activities work to increase LGBTQ competence and knowledge about equal treatment issues, norm criticism and equality work. We educate professionals, organizations and associations in the Stockholm region to provide perspective and tools to create inclusive spaces – with LGBTQ in focus!

We offer both shorter information initiatives as well as longer and process-oriented trainings and also tailor trainings of specific inquiries. We have cutting-edge expertise in, for example, gender studies, norm-critical pedagogy and business development. We also have extensive experience of equality work in schools and other pedagogical activities. This makes our trainers some of the most frequently booked in the Stockholm area.

RFSL Stockholm also delivers the city of Stockholm’s own LGBTQ-diploma trainings. Are you working in the city of Stockholm and are interested in the LGBTQ-diploma training for your unit or business? Click here (LINK to SLK’s diploma info)!

Moa Johansson, head of education: Moa is a gender scientist with expertise in Sexuality studies and Femininity theory. Has a practical background in culture and leisure for young people. Is great at business development and to make complex questions about power and norm systems available to the vast majority!

Elliot Edberg, head of education: Elliot is a primary school teacher and a pre-school teacher with long experience of educating in norm-critical pedagogy. Has special skills in nonviolent Communication, Reggio Emilia-inspired pedagogy and practical equality work. Is great at making organizational development fun!