Elected officials

Elected officials at the annual meeting in 2024, the following elected representatives were chosen for the fiscal year 2024.

Board RFSL Stockholm’s board consists of 7 members, including the chairperson, vice-chairperson, and treasurer. In addition to these, there is one substitute. You can reach the entire board at the email address styrelsen@stockholm.rfsl.se.


Lovise Haj Brade, Chairperson ordforande@stockholm.rfsl.se / lovise.haj.brade@stockholm.rfsl.se

Johanna Larsson Stenquist.


Ashkan Nurzahi. 

Carl Housten.

Jens Jonsson.

Mika Hammar.

Eray Termiz Güsmüs


Jennie Graflund.

Activity Auditor

Tuomas Laulajainen

Authorized Auditor

Josefine Fors, Grant Thornton

Election Committee

You can contact the election committee at valberedning@stockholm.rfsl.se.