Röda paraplyet

Health for people selling sex is important and that is why RFSL Stockholm has created a health site called rodaparaplyet.org. It is also available in English, rodaparaplyet.org/en. There you can read about how you can think about your health, how to improve it and where to turn. Among other things, we write about safer sex, testing and personal safety.

On the website there is a service that you can write to if you have sold sex or are thinking of doing so. We cannot give tips on, for example, where to sell, but we can answer questions related to your health. In addition to this service, there is also an e-mail if you prefer that: rodaparaplyet@rfslstockholm.se.

The site is developed together with people who have sold sex themselves.

Another important part of our work is that we educate staff at HIV and STI clinics in how to work with people who have sold or sells sex. Among other things, we have trained Venhälsan at Södersjukhuset and Stockholm Mansmottagning.