Welcome to Egalia! An after school programme for LGBTQ youth between 13-19 years.
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About Egalia

Egalia is a hangout for those who are, or think they may be, LGBTQ +. LGBTQ stands for homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer. The Plus sign (+) stands for much more, like asexual, pansexuell, various non-binary identities and other sexualities. Egalia is your place to ask any questions about LGBTQ, or avoid questions about it. Here is the LGBTQ + norm and you never have to feel questioned for who you are.

You can come here from the age of 13 until the day you turn 20. We are open Mondays and Thursdays at 16-20 pm. Sometimes we have closed, for example, some holidays. You will find information about that on Egalias website and on our Instagram. Every evening we have a gathering, an activity and coffee. Everything is always free at Egalia, the only thing you need to bring is yourself.

Why Egalia?

There are clear rules in for example the school of how to be and not to be. If you do not fit into the demands of being a guy or girl in the expected way, or who to fall in love with, it can sometimes feel tough and alone. We think it is important to know that you are not alone and therefore we have fixed a place where we can hang out together. At Egalia, we are the ones who set the rules, here everyone can be just exactly who they are.

What happens at Egalia?

Egalia works much like a regular youth hangout (fritidsgård). There are always at least three leaders in place who will take care of you if you are new. There’s always fun stuff happening at Egalia. A a lot of crafts, author visits, themed evenings, theatre, movie nights and other fun events. And a lot of talk with new people of course. There will almost always be someone there for the first time – so please feel more than welcome to join us!

Everything is completely free of charge and you don’t have to be a member or anything like that. You will also get something foodish or fruity to eat.

Find your way to Egalia

The address is Alsnögatan 7, Floor 3, Danvikstull.

More information

Check out the Egalia website for more info:
See what we do during the evenings on Instagram: egalia_rfsl