I am the storyteller

I am the storyteller is a project
for LGBTQ people living in group dwelling
or working on daily activities,
who want to write and tell stories.

The idea behind I am the storyteller comes from
RFSL Stockholm’s meeting activities LGBTQ-hang out.
The project will be here for three years,
from September 2017 to August 2020.

Each year the project will produce an easy-to-read book.
Every week we meet.
At the meetings we write and tell stories together.
Sometimes we have authors visiting.

The first book of the project came out in the summer 2018.
It’s called My reality.
There are almost no books about LGBTQ people with disabilities.
I am the storyteller have started to change that!

I am the storyteller is receiving money from Allmänna Arvsfonden.

My reality
Order our first book here!
I am the storyteller’s blog
Read our blog in Swedish here!

Every autumn there is an opportunity to join the project.
The next information meeting is in August.

Contact Person:

Jo Tengblad Söder
Phone: 076 394 83 42
Mail: jo.tengblad.soder@stockholm.rfsl.se

Contact us if you have any questions
or want to join in to write and tell stories in the project!

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