RFSL Stockholm welcomes all members to the Annual Meeting on Saturday 28 March. At the annual meeting, the association’s members together decide RFSL Stockholm’s future. At the meeting, all members can come up with proposals and vote on the decisions that will guide the work in the coming year. At the annual meeting, the members choose who should sit on the board and lead the association to the next annual meeting.

Both new and existing members are warmly invited to the annual meeting. There will be coffee and snacks available and during the breaks there will be time to meet other members.

Date: Saturday March 28th
Time: 13:00-16:00
Place: RFSL Stockholm, Alsnögatan 7, Stockholm

Voting Right at the Annual meeting

To be able to vote during the annual meeting, or in order to be able to be elected, you must be a member of RFSL. According to the statutes of RFSL Stockholm, a new member needs to become a member no later than one week after the notice to the annual meeting, to have the right to vote at the meeting. If you’re not already a member please join here.

Last day to submit motions

If you would like to participate and influence RFSL Stockholm’s work and future, formulate your proposals in a motion to the annual meeting. Motions should be sent to kristofer.edlund@stockholm.rfsl.se no later than Saturday 29 February.

Annual meeting documents

The Annual Report, proposals and the board’s proposal for a working plan for 2020 – 2022 as well as received motions with the Board’s suggestions will be available on the RFSL Stockholm website, in RFSL Stockholm’s premises and within the Facebook event, no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

Notification for the annual meeting

You don’t have to sign up in advance, you are welcome to drop in. We will sign you in upon arrival at the venue to register your right to vote at the meeting. If you are in need of special assistance during the meeting, for example interpretation or frequent breaks, please e-mail kristofer.edlund@stockholm.rfsl.se well in advance and we will try to meet your needs.


The venue is accessible to wheelchairs and prams by elevators. The doors can be opened automatically and toilets are fully accessible. Hearing loops are available at the venue. Please avoid the use of products with a strong fragrance such as perfumes and hairsprays. Nuts are strictly prohibited at the venue.

The Agenda for the annual meeting

1 Opening of the annual meeting

2 Determination of electoral register

3 Determine if the annual meeting is statutorily announced

4 Election of the annual meeting presidency:
4.1 Chairperson of the meeting
4.2 Meeting secretary

5. Keepers of the minutes

6. Vote Counters

7. Approval of the agenda

8. The Board’s operational and financial accounts

9. Auditors’ account

10. Determination of results and balance sheets

11. Issue of discharge for the Board

12. Propositions:
12.1 Adoption of Statutes (if changes were made during RFSL General meeting)
12.2 Determination of Working Plan
12.3 Annual Budget
12.4 Other propositions

13. Motions

14. Election of the Board:
14.1 Determination of term of office and number of board members
14.2 Chairperson
14.3 Treasurer
14.4 Ordinary Board Members
14.5 Substitutes

15. Election of Congress representatives

16. Election of Nomination committee

17. Election of Auditors

18. Election of potential working groups and other trustees

19. Other questions (non-voting questions)

20. Close of the annual meeting