Newcomers Stockholm

Newcomers Stockholm is a members’ group of RFSL Stockholm for asylum-seekers and newly arrived in Stockholm who identify as LGBTIQ+. As a member group, we organize members’ meetings every week where you have a chance to meet your community and be yourself in a safe and friendly environment. In addition to it, we have a lawyer with whom you can have legal consultation related to your asylum case.

With the support of Länsstyrelsen Stockholm, our group is also a part of the Early Intervention for Asylum Seekers project. Within that domain, we organize the following activities:

  • Art and Cultural activities
  • Summer and Pride activities
  • Swedish Language Classes and Language Café
  • Mental Health Support Groups for gay/bisexual men, lesbian/bisexual women, and transgender persons 
  • Sports and outdoor activities (queer swimming group)
  • Job Search Support (help with writing of CV/motivational letter, help in applying for jobs)
  • Volunteer training and education for members (and allies)  who want to become volunteers.
  • Collaborations with other projects/organizations relevant to LGBTIQ+ asylum seekers:

 Testing for HIV, syphilis, and other STIs (Testpoint)

Sexual health and sexual rights workshops and lectures for women who have sex with women, men who have sex with men, and trans persons. 

Note that all activities are FREE, and you can get travel compensation as an asylum seeker by participating in Early Interventions for Asylum Seekers’ activities.

How to become a member of Newcomers Stockholm and join our activities?

Step 1: Contact us by e-mail at or by calling/writing to 073 866 99 03.  

Step 2: You will join an introduction meeting for new members where you will learn what kind of support and activities we have to offer. Also, it is an opportunity for us to understand your needs and how we can best assist you.

Newcomers Stockholm is also a part of RFSL Newcomers ‘ national network. Together we work on strengthening the rights of newly arrived and asylum-seeking LGBTQI+ people who have fled to Sweden from persecution due to sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Become a volunteer at Newcomers Stockholm/ Bli volontär på Newcomers Stockholm: 2022/2023