Newcomers Stockholm

Newcomers is a network within RFSL for asylum seekers, undocumented and newly arrived LGBTQI people in Sweden. Our members come from many different parts of the world and have often fled persecution in their former home country due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Newcomers work for strengthened rights for asylum seekers and newly arrived LGBTQI people.

Newcomers Stockholm is a member group at RFSL Stockholm and a social meeting place. As a new person in Sweden, you can make contacts and meet others with similar experiences to your own. You can also participate in various activities and receive health information and legal advice.

Check out Newcomers Activity Project for more information about activities. To participate in our activities you have to be a member of RFSL Stockholm.

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Become a member of Newcomers Stockholm

  1. You can become a member if you are an LGBTQI person and asylum seeker, undocumented or have had a residence permit for up to two years. Then you will also become a member of RFSL Stockholm. Becoming a member is free if you do not yet have a residence permit.
  2. To become a member of the group you first have to attend an introductory meeting. There you will get more information about what Newcomers are and do. And you get a chance to ask questions about our activities. To come to an intromeeting, send an email to project manager Ines Anttila: