Sexperterna works for an improved sexual health on the web, in bars, clubs and in parks. Our work aims to reduce HIV and other STI among homosexuals, bisexual and trans people who have sex with men.

Sexperterna Chat: HIV prevention and sex education online. Mainly via Sexperterna page on Qruiser, Facebook, via our email and our website

Sexperterna Club and Park: Our volunteers visit nightclubs and bars where people from the community are located and talk safer sex and hand out free condoms and lubricants. Want to become a volunteer? Email and type “Sexperts” in the subject line.

Sexperterna Chemsex Counselling: Do you have questions about drugs or want to talk to someone about stopping, taking less, taking a break or making it safer? We offer support without judgement. For advice or to book an appointment please email or read more at

Free Condoms and Lubricants: The Sexpert volunteers sends out free condoms and lubricants to the target group directly home in the mailbox. Go to sexperterna.organd click on the red dot at the bottom right or email We also make sure that condoms and lubricant is available at all night clubs, bars and video clubs in Stockholm where people from the community are located.

Check out the Sexperternas website to learn more about what we do.

Read and download the Sexperts Chat method material, wearethesexperts, in English.