HIV Prevention

For many years RFSL Stockholm runs several activities in the area of HIV and health. The goal of our HIV preventive work is to create an improved sexual health of the target group. We are also working to reduce HIV and other venereal diseases in our target group, which consists of homosexuals, bisexual and trans people who have sex with men. We do this by encouraging testing and providing information about safer sex, STI’s, condoms and health. Our outreach work within Sexperterna and Testpoint is “peer to peer” which means that the people working are themselves also from the community.

In the field of HIV and health, we produce information material in the form of brochures called “About Sex” in three different versions: for MSM, WSW and for trans people. These are produced in five different languages. We also make posters and campaign specific material that are constantly updated. At HIV and Health we also offer lectures and training on sex, safer sex and pleasure for the target groups. We also educate in conversation methodology and communication in regards to sexual health. Email us at

We deliver free condoms and lubricants to the target group directly home in the mailbox. Go to and click on the red dot in the bottom right to place an order. Here you can see which condoms we offer and place an order. We also distribute free condoms, lubricants, information material in the form of brochures and/or posters at night clubs, bars and video clubs where people from the community are located.

All the facts about safer sex, HIV, STI’s and testing are reviewed by Venhälsan. You can read more about Venhälsan here.

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