The Persian New Year is on its way and it is time for rainbow family from all over the world who have curiosity about Persian traditions and celebrations to join us in this event.

Dharma and Martia activity / Member group @ RFSL Stockholm is proud and pleased to present the first Rainbow Persian New Year ever! The event will be held at the RFSL Stockholm premises on Sveavägen 59 between 6 pm (18:00) to 12 pm (00:00) on Sunday the 20th of March.

The event will be full of fun and laughter, with music, Persian pastry, Haft seen, Persian food, mingle, dance and toasts to Iranian rainbow family including refugees, newcomers, imigrants to name a few.

Join us in this event and let culture captivate our activism.

Feel free to invite your friends, bring them along and spread the word.

Feel free to bring your own food, musical instrument, art work and what you can contribute!

You can find more information on our Facebook-event:

نوروز پیروز!