Exciting news! This week’s episode of RFSL Stockholm’s podcast ”Let’s Talk About It” is entirely in English, featuring the incredible human rights activist, Purity Paige Tukwasibwe! Purity tells the story of her extraordinary journey from Uganda to Sweden. She talks about the challenges she faced as a transgender woman in a country and family that refused to accept her true identity. 

For the first time, Purity also opens about her experiences of love, relationships, and pleasure. In a world that too often exoticizes, fetishizes and dehumanizes  BIPOC LGBTQI+ individuals, how can we find ways to thrive in our relationships on our own terms? 

🌈 About Purity Paige: As a board member of Transgender Europe, Refugee Trans Initiative in Kenya, and Rainbow Refugees Sweden, Purity is a powerful force for positive change. Additionally, she’s a freelance actress with the National Black Theatre Sweden, a versatile musical poetry dance artist, and often serves as a keynote speaker in forums addressing trans rights and activism.

🌈 About the ”Let’s Talk About It” Podcast:  With this podcast, we want to promote safety, freedom, and a strong culture of consent within the LGBTQI+ community. This podcast provides a platform to discuss what LGBTQI+ individuals need to experience fulfilling relationships, sex, and pleasure on our terms. The podcast is hosted by the fabulous Suzann Larsdotter, a certified sexologist.

As you listen, reflect on how stigma, minority stress, and internalization can impact us in sexual situations and relationships. Share this episode to keep the conversation alive! Let’s continue breaking down barriers and creating a world where everyone’s voice is heard. 🌐🗣️